“Strap Steel Inventor”


November 25th, 2013


In 1992, when Ghent began playing professionally outside of church, he had a brilliant idea of using a strap on his lap steel in order to move around freely while performing on stage. Playing in church was always fixed in a chair or on a stool, but once Aubrey began touring and performing on a regular basis at festivals and other outside venues, he had to accommodate that level of performing and his need to move around while playing and singing. “I know how to play the rhythm guitar somewhat and I thought if a shoulder strap worked with it, the lap steel should work like a charm. Once I tried it, I loved it, and have been playing ‘strap steel’ ever since!” It’s unique, just as his instrument is, thus a great fit for the Master Lap Steeler! “I can sing, move, and even dance when I feel the Spirit, all at once with my clever invention!” Several other lap steel guitarist have tried Ghent’s invention, but he is most noted for the style of which he uses in conjunction with a lap steel during performances. “It took a little getting used to, but I’m able to maneuver freely and play just as precisely using the strap as I do with legs or having the instrument on my lap.”


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